C is for Cookie

Chocolate Chip - $12 / dozen (2 dozen minimum)
These cookies are perfect to quell the Cookie Monster in all of us. A sweet, caramelized edge surrounds a soft, chewy chocolatey center.

Peanut Butter - $12 / dozen (2 dozen minimum)
Chunks of peanut run throughout this cookie, pitting crunch against chew for a taste that packs maximum peanut flavor.

Oatmeal Raisin - $12 / dozen (2 dozen minimum)
Hearty, rich, and nutty with sweet bursts of raisins throughout. Milk-dunking optional.

Rosemary’s Cookie - $10 per 50 cookies
Our kitchen’s only sugarless cookie will tempt your tastebuds. This savory spawn of rosemary and cheese wrapped in a buttery bite puts a different spin on confectionary sin.


Pie In The Sky

Apple-Cranberry Pie - $20
Celebrate the bounty of autumn when sweet apple filling meets a tart cranberry kick in this updated classic. 9”, serves 8-10

Sweet Potato Pie - $20
Cinnamon, spice, and everything nice bring this root to life with each creamy buttery bite. 9”, serves 8-10

Key Lime Pie - $20
Pucker up for this tangy tart kiss of citrus, topped with a velvety sour cream topping. 10", serves 8 - 10

Pumpkin Pie - $20
Why limit this treat to once a year? Let the scent of autumn waft through the house and dance on your tongue, without the hassle of the turkey cleanup. 9”, serves 8-10

Pecan Pie - $20
The only way to silence the “pe-can” vs. “pe-cahn” debate is when everyone is chewing on this sticky sweet crunchy confection. 9”, serves 8-10

Cherry Pie - $20
One bite of this perfect trifecta of sweet, tart, and juicy will show you why this is a timeless classic. 9”, serves 8-10


Better Brownies and Bars

Better Brownies - $20 / dozen (1 dozen minimum)
Welcome to the dark side. Baked in the “fudge style,” these classic chocolate brownies melt in your mouth. Also available in Peanut Butter.

Salt of the Sea Turtle - $25 / dozen (1 dozen minimum)
Our savory twist on the popular candy: a dark chocolate fudge brownie swirled with caramel and toasted pecan pieces, topped with a layer of caramel, toasted pecan turtlebacks, and finished with a sprinkling of mineral sea salt.

Party Bites! - $25: Turtles
$20: Brownies

The exact same Better Brownies and Salt of the Sea Turtles, but cut smaller for parties, gifts, or because maybe you just want a little bite. Available in quantities of 15, 20, 24, and 30. (Pictured: Salt of the Sea Turtles cut into 24 pieces)



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